A First Course in Linear Algebra

Come for the price, stay for the quality


A project like this doesn't happen without some expenses. And I would like to demonstrate to other authors that publishing textbooks with open licenses can be a viable alternative to using a traditional publisher. Thanks for your support of this experiment in providing quality textbooks at reasonable prices. There are several easy ways to donate.

(1) If you purchase a hardback copy, you will be contributing roughly $5 to the project. So this is a great way to help ou,t as you will get a high quality book at a great price while also supporting the creation of similar texts.

(2) Pledgie.com can be used to donate publicly (or anonymously, if you choose).

(3) The donation version at Lulu.com is a $6.55 PDF version of the book ($5 to the project).

(4) Dwolla is a payment service like Paypal, with low transaction costs.

(5) A check (in US funds drawn on a US bank, please), is another way to go. US or Canadian cash would be a final resort. My postal address is:

Professor Robert Beezer
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
CMB #1043
1500 N. Warner
Tacoma, WA 98416-1043