A First Course in Linear Algebra

Come for the price, stay for the quality


Physical copies of the book are available at Lulu.com, a print-on-demand service. The most recent edition is known as the Waldron Edition, and is a subset of Version 2.00 content. Because of page limits on bindings, this edition must be split into two physical books. You have two choices:

(1) Softcover book containing all of the material, except for the archetypes. The archetypes are collected into a slim coilbound supplement. Costs are $25.14 and $6.05, respectively. The price of the softcover edition includes a $5 contribution to the project, while the archetype supplement is sold at production cost.

(2) A two-volume coilbound set. Students will find these bindings easier to study with. Volume 1 contains the first three chapters of the book, plus the table of contents, lists of definitions and theorems, archetypes, appendices and index. Volume 2 is simply the remaining chapters of the Core. Costs are $19.62 and $11.57, respectively, with a $5 donation included with Volume 1, while Volume 2 is sold at production cost.

I have found these prices competitive with bulk orders at copy shops. For my students, an order of 30 copies at Kinko's runs about $26 per copy, and does not include any binding.

Lulu.com will handle all of the details related to your payment, and will ship your copy to you directly. In the United States, USPS Media Mail is relatively inexpensive and reasonably quick (1-2 weeks). Due to the nature of print-on-demand, it is not possible to accomodate refunds - be sure to preview a downloadable copy before purchasing.

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We've collected here a few items related to the print editions. First, cover art is available for download. Also, exact copies of the PDF's used for the print editions are available. Remember that the latest version, and selected older editions, are also available from the download page.

Cover Art

Edition Title Credit Website Image License
Waldron The Summer Chair David RD Beezer . JPEG (2397 x 3602, 2.1 MB) GFDL
Sucia The Rope Paul Wicks wicksphoto.com JPEG (2287 x 2212, 2.1 MB) GFDL

Download Print Versions

2008/07/16, Waldron Edition, Version 2.00 [PDF]

2006/12/11, Sucia Edition, Version 1.0 [PDF]