A First Course in Linear Algebra

Come for the price, stay for the quality

Version 3 Project (aka Skunk Works)

This is a rolling preview of major changes in the works for Version 3.00. As of 2012/12/05 the content is finalized and various versions of the book will start to appear here first. Thanks to my Fall 2012 Math 290 students who helped edit this version. Products here will eentually move to other parts of the web site.

Hardback Book: (2012/12/05) Version 3.00 content is finalized and files have been submitted to the printer. Here's the link to the content. I'll be making other PDFs with live links, and formatted for electronic devices. This is just the actual content of the book. [Hardcover Book]

Cover Design by Aidan Meacham

Web Version Online: Primary target is now a web version, in standard HTML,
enabled by MathJax, knowls, the Sage Cell server, and the reliability of XML source.
All the supplemental materials (solutions, archetypes, Sage) are tightly integrated.

A Traditional Look: physical and electronic.

Print: PDF supplements for download to complement book versions.

Sage: instruction on, and with, open source software.

A Second Course in Linear Algebra

FCLA was born electronic, and without any physical constraints, so I thought it made sense to add lots of extra material. Turns out there is enough material for two books. So with the investments in one-off conversion tools and XSLT transformations for Version 3 of FCLA, A Second Course in Linear Algebra was born from the cutting floor in less than three hours, after dinner on October 15, 2012.

Requiring only a single edit by hand of the source, the conversion to HTML is amazingly readable while also being a total mess. You can judge for yourself at the link below. I'll likely make some high-gain edits to improve readability, but content improvements and more hand-edits are going to have to wait.

A Second Course in Linear Algebra (2012/10/15)